02 December

Melbourne, Australia

International Conference on

Catalysis Science and Chemical Engineering

Best Poster Award by


Poster competition is open to all students (Graduates, Post Graduates and Research Scholars) who are first author as well as the presenting author of an abstract submitted for poster presentation at Catscience 2019. The prizes will be awarded to the posters judged the best based on the content of the poster, the quality of the visual display of information on the poster, and the ability of the presenter to successfully and succinctly present the subject matter in it.

All the winners will be announced at the closing ceremony of the conference. The decision of the winner will be withdrawn if the winner/winners is/are not present at the time of announcement.

Scientific Sessions

Sessions to interact with speakers

  • Photocatalysis
  • Catalytic Materials & Mechanisms
  • Material Sciences
  • Chemical Synthesis and Catalysts Synthesis
  • Polymer Science and Engineering
  • Environmental Catalysis
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Carbons for Catalysis
  • Carbon Materials
  • Catalysis and Energy
  • Integrated Catalysis
  • Organometallics and Catalysis
  • Industrial Catalysis
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Nanocatalysis
  • Organic & Inorganic Catalysis
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Catalysis for Renewable Sources
  • Molecular Catalysis
  • Enzymes and Microbial Technology
  • Applied Catalysis
  • Catalysis & Pyrolysis
  • Catalysis & Zeolites
  • New Trends in Catalysis


Why CatScience-2019 ?

International Conference on Catalysis Science and Chemical Engineering (CatScience) will be held from December 2-4, 2019 in Melbourne, Australia. This conference will showcase the latest advances realized in Chemical Engineering moving with the theme "Advances and Challenges in Applied Catalysis". It dedicates to create a stage for exchanging the latest research results and sharing the advanced research methods...

Target Audience

  • Catalysis & Chemical Engineers
  • Catalysis Associations
  • Chemical Engineering Associations and Societies
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Training Institutes
  • Chemical Societies
  • Students and Delegates
  • Researchers
  • Governmental & Non-governmental organizations


  • Development & demonstration of new catalysis and reactor engineering concepts
  • Promote fundamental universal values
  • Question the current economic and consumption models
  • Critically examine the cultural practices
  • Embed sustainable development considerations in research and in the curriculum
  • Adopt considerations of sustainability in leadership practices
  • Underline social responsibility locally and globally
  • Emphasis on process intensification and feedstock efficiency
  • Computational, experimental and modeling approaches
  • To extend gained knowledge and assess new opportunities for improving existing plants

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Royal Society of Chemistry

Royal Society of Chemistry

RSC Advances

RSC Advances

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